NEW OEM Webasto Telestart T91R LIN Remote with VW logo emblem 5Q0963511

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Telestart is for cars with factory installed parking heater systems without remote.
  • Part number: 5Q0963511;
  • Reception range - up to 1.000 meters;
  • Feedback function - short flashing signals every 2 sec.;
  • Operating time can be set from 10 to 120 min.

Both factors below need to be verified for compatibility confirmation:
1.    Heater’s modification (VW part number).
2.    Car model and model year.

There are 2 modifications of Webasto heaters, installed in VW vehicles originally:
•    The Additional (Supplementary) heater - is designed to work together with running engine only. Additional heater doesn’t support Telestart remote control. Additional heater has to be converted into Auxiliary heater first. 
•    The Auxiliary heater can work separately from vehicle’s engine.  Auxiliary heaters support Telestart remote control. Car model and model year still has to be verified.

There are few methods to check heater’s modification:
1.    The best way is to check label on heater’s body (it is NOT label as under the hood near AC label).  Label with VW information has to be checked (check example photo).  You will find VW part number on top of sticker.
2.    Check at VW dealer with your 17 digits chassis number (Vehicle identification number).  You can send vehicle identification number and we will check that for you, but it will take longer period of time.
3.    To check part number with diagnostic system (VCDS, OBDeleven or similar). Part number can be found under Address 18: Aux. Heat.  Part number identification is different described above. Obtained information may be insufficient.

If Webasto part number 5Q0898008 X (X - any sign) - IT WILL FIT.

You need to send complete VW part number of Webasto together with vehicle model and model year.
Compatibility can be checked only with this information!

This item will fit to VW:
  • Campmob (2016-2019);
  • Golf (2013-2017);
  • Golf Sportsvan (2014-);
  • Passat (2015-);
  • Tiguan (2016-);
  • Touran (2016-);
  • Transporter (2016-2019)

This Telestart remote is T91R version. 

It works with newer cars with digital electronics. 

It will not work with cars with an analog electronics.

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