NEW SATA jet X 5500 RP 1,3 DIGITAL O-NOZZLE SPRAY GUN 1061803 BAR pressure

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Part number: 1061803
RP (Reduced Pressure) type
This SATAjet X 500 spray gun contains O nozzle

The "Super Speed" SATAjet X 5500 RP with its optimized high pressure technology for maximum application speed and minimum overspray.

"O"-nozzles do have an oval-shaped spray fan pattern with a larger dry zone and a wet core to accommodate increased application speed at the expense of slightly less application control during the painting process. The
film build per coat in comparison to an "I"-nozzle is slightly higher.


  • Oval-shaped spray fan with larger dry zone
  • Wet core for increased application speed
  • Film build per coat slightly higher compared to the "I"-nozzle

All SATA X-nozzles:

  • Constant fan height and width across the entire nozzle spectrum
  • Linear increase of material flow rate with increasing nozzle sizes
  • Constant material distribution with each specific fan shape across the entire nozzle spectrum
  • Easier nozzle set selection due to the clear and effective nozzle system which allows either wetter or drier application, without changing the fan shape, according to the requirements
Please note this kit comes with a disposable RPS Cup, not a plastic reusable pot.

Pressure in BAR, not PSI!!!
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