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With this heater you will be able to quickly warm up the car, truck, light-duty vehicles or buses. Heater heats quickly and efficiently.

Heater unit part number: 9031124C.
Manufactured in Germany.
Manufacturer : Webasto. 

This Webasto Air Top 2000 STC kit contains of:

  • Heater (part no. 9031125C);
  • Fuel pump (9019847C);
  • Air Intake Silencer (9026725A);
  • Vent and Base seal (1310617A);
  • Heater cable harness (9029479B);
  • Fuel pump cable harness (9027455A);
  • Fuel hose (9028514A);
  • Flexible stainless steel exhaust pipe (9032270A);
  • Flexible aluminum combustion air pipe (9033345A) 13mm x 39cm
  • Bag of installation small parts (1301886A / 9027998A / 9027997A / 9032243A / 9024806A);
  • Programmable Multicontrol HD remote with timer function (9030025C);
  • Installation manual.

This Webasto AIR TOP 2000 STC 12V, 2.0 kW kit fits all vehicle models with Petrol Benzine engine.
Kit includes all parts what you see in the pictures.

This heater is not high altitude model. It can work up to 1400 meters (4600 feet) above sea level. 
Technical data:
  • ECE approval number ECE R122 ( heating) - E1 00 0216;
  • ECE approval number ECE R10 (EMC) - E1 04 1085;
  • Heating capacity, control range (kW) - 1.0 – 2.0;
  • Fuel consumption, control range (l / h) - 0.14 – 0.27;
  • Nominal voltage (V) - 12;
  • Rated power consumption, control range (W) - 14 – 29;
  • Heating air volume flow against 0.5 mbar, control range (m3 / h) - 93;
  • Fuels - Gasoline EN 228;
  • Operating temperature range (°C) - –40 to +40;
  • Dimensions L x W x H (mm) - 311 x 120 x 121;
  • Weight (kg) - 2.6
How Do Air Heaters Work:
The following image gives you an idea on what happens inside the air heater.

When the unit is switched on the dosing pump feeds fuel from the vehicle's fuel tank to the heater. Here the fuel is automatically ignited by means of a glow plug. If combustion does not occur immediately the unit automatically repeats the start-up procedure. In the combustion chamber a flame is lit which heats up the heat exchanger. The unit takes air in from outside of the vehicle for combustion purposes and the combusted exhaust air is discharged back outside. During heating, the integrated fan sucks in the air to be heated through the inlet and feeds it through the unit. As the air flows through the heat exchanger it is heated up and is then distributed through the outlet.
The connected hot air ducting spreads the air evenly throughout the vehicle interior. Due to the unit's separation of the combustion cycle from the heating cycle there is no quality impairment of the hot air. A temperature sensor constantly measures the interior temperature and adapts the heating level by automatically adjusting the amount of air passing through the unit. In this way, the temperature selected by the user is rapidly reached and maintained at a constant level.