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Part number: 1620062

Power: 1100W or 1700W, @ -25°

Forget the morning scraping ice, deep-frozen seat and problems with starting the car. Just get one well below zero outside and get started - just like in the spring! Finally CALIX has made sure: ice-free car windows, comfortably warm interior, the engine is ready.

Calix is the complete vehicle electrical pre-heating system with everything required for a warm and comfortable vehicle interior and ice free windows.  

The soft and flexible rubber cable that is included in the kit facilitates the cabling from the engine compartment to the cabin. The rubber cable in the cabin is connected directly to the cab heater without the cab wall socket needing to be mounted. This means easier and faster installation and a nicer mounting in the cabin.

Start and go - without freezing!!!  

Comfort Kit 1700 contains of:

  • cab heater WaveLine 1700;
  • battery charger (BC 1205);
  • connecting cable (MS);
  • inlet cable (MK);
  • extension cable (SK);
  • multiple socket (GU 405);
  • installation kit

The engine heater is ordered separately as it is unique for each vehicle.

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