AUDI RNS-E ISO adapter + Diversity antenna + GPS antenna + radio removal keys

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24 months
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This kit makes installing truly easy and simple process, because it does not require cutting any wires or altering plugs. Buying this kit you get all what you need in order to retrofit RNS-E unit, connect to car's wiring and get GPS signal.

Compatible with:
ALL AUDI A3, A4, A6 models 2001-06.


When buying this item you will receive:


  • ISO adapter;
  • Radio antenna diversity adapter;
  • GPS antenna;
  • Removal keys.


More features:


  • ISO adapter - converts ISO plug:
    • 1x ISO power plug
    • 1x ISO speakers plug
    • 1x ISO CD-changer plug
    • 1x Quad lock-MOST plug
    • Tel mute
    • Length: approx. 0,20m
  • Diversity adapter - required for radio connection.
  • GPS antenna - required for RNS-E GPS signal reception.
  • Removal keys (4 pcs.) - required for removing your current radio.